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Mercy Killers

There are worse things than dying from Plague.

You could survive it, and be forced

to become a Mercy Killer.


Greylin is  headed for a life of power and privilege. 


A threat to Attica's safety interrupts her plans.


Greylin joins forces with a famed Mercy Killer

to save the people she loves from the Plague’s cruel ending, where even the strongest beg for death.


Red Seductress

The Count of Grosmith turned

her mother's heart black.


Emmalyn LaVogue is out for revenge.

The Count of Grosmith ruined her mother's reputation, forcing her to flee France and become a Lady of Night.

Now Emmalyn lives by her mother's words-

   Never trust a man

   Never let anyone get too close

   Black is her best color.


Emmalyn has always followed her mother's advice, but on the day she ruins the Count she won't be wearing black. She will be wearing the color of what she is out for.


 Emmalyn will be wearing crimson red.


The Genie's Wish

   Ginn is the most powerful being on earth, but he wears the chains of slavery. 


He is cursed to an existence of servitude, forced to provide his masters their greatest desires.  He's spent two-thousand years paying for the mistakes of his former existence. 


Ginn wants to prove his worth to the Gods to gain his limitless wish. He plans to become the creature

he once was. Ruthless, cruel, and the most unstable

of all beings.


Ginn wants to be human again.

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