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There are worse things than dying from the Plague. You could

survive it, and be forced to become a Mercy Killer.


Greylin is no stranger to the dangers of the Plague. She grew up a vagari, outside the safety of Attica's perfect quarantine system. But her father traded their vagabond freedom for the city's protection so

     Greylin has become the perfect citizen socialite.


She never shows her ability to experience other’s emotions.

 She never reveals her history in the shadow rings.


 Lexton, the Governor’s son, falls in love with her, giving Greylin the opportunity to rise to royalty. The power of such an elevated status is everything Greylin and her father sacrificed their vagari freedom for, and she is determined to use her new influence to change things.


     Then the Guardian arrives.


He is a breathing legend, the most acclaimed of the Mercy Killers.


Greylin struggles to avoid him. The truth of their colliding past

haunts her memories.

Greylin holds a secret.

The Guardian holds a grudge.


As the Unity's true nature unravels, Greylin learns there are

worse things than becoming a Mercy Killer.

You could love one.



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