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Emmalyn Lavogue is not who she appears to be.

She presents herself as a Lady of London. In reality, Emmalyn is a courtesan's daughter. She has come to Parise to avenge her dead mother’s mistreatment by the Count of Grosmith.

But the Count is a powerful man. He owns one of the most successful perfume houses in the world, and his perfumes aren’t just aromatic. They effect the mind, the body, and the emotions. The Count is wealthy, well-connected, and sells addicting goods to Europe’s elite. It will take every lesson Emmalyn’s mother ever ingrained in her to bring down the Count and his empire.

Emmalyn befriends local socialites, settling herself inside the same world the Count of Grosmith resides. Her fake identity, money, and beauty opens every door she knocks on. Everything is going exactly as planned.

The only issue is Anderson Montague.

Anderson is the nephew of the Count of Grosmith, the heir to the Grosmith fortune. Emmalyn befriends Anderson with the intention to use him against his uncle, but the closer Emmalyn gets to Anderson, the more she's drawn to him. 


As Emmalyn struggles with the reality of her situation she uncovers clues that lead her to suspect her mother wasn’t truthful about everything that transpired between herself and the Count. Emmalyn must make a choice-


Love, the truth, or her mother's revenge? 


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